We Are


The artists listed below have participated in at least one of our events.

Kristin Lyn Crase, Haley White, Thomas Nance, Karan Johnson, Kyle Lowe, Amy Ryan, Brooke Aiello, Heather Parish, Ben Rawls, Brittany Roberts, Chris Borden, Jacob Williams, Dominic Grijalva, Jen Appleby, Miguel Gastelum, Sharon Burley, Tess Mize, Kayla Edwards-Monnot, Terry Lewis, Chris Mangels, Erica Riggs, Renee Newlove, Emily Campbell, Christy Hathaway, Riley Soriano, Magenta Howard, Nicole Osborne, Jacquie Broach, Joshua Taylor, Andrew Champagne, Hillery Gunner, Nicole Spate, Gregory Tharpe, Ryan Gilmore, Aaron Bollinger, Jeff Tuck, Jennifer Hurd-Peterson, Michael Peterson, Anthony Taylor, Thuy Duong, Jim Tuck, Nate Butler, Haley Huntley, Adam Meredith, Brad Myers, Mark Ryan, Steven Weatherbee, Debora Palmer, Diane Hanson-Barnes, Scott Hicks, Nadia Arnold, Margot Tepperman, David Marinovich, Leslie Martin, Billy Anderson, Tony Sanders, Patrick Tromborg, Bridget Martin, Rodolfo Robles Cruz, Tim Quinn, Greg Taber, Jay Parks, Renee Newlove, Jessica Reedy, Broderic Beard, Kayla M. Weber, Ethan Hardcastle, Hal Bolen, Heather Gibson, Joshua Taber, Lynda Wilkinson, Tiana Perez, Leigh Ratliffe, Britt Monahan, Ashley Hyatt, Russell Noland, Brandon Weiss, Reece Riley, Imani Branch, Michael Flores, Sarah VanBindsbergen, Patricia Hoffman, Will Bishop, Camille Gaston, Alice Ryan, Lex Martin, Lia Dewey, Mady Broach, Claira Broach, Danielle Valdivia, Mady Williams, Aaron Pierce, Rodolfo Robles Cruz, Abraham Tejada, Jacob Gonzalez, Jeremy Hitch, Tyler Branco, Annalise Escobedo, Shannah Estep, Emily Estep, Meg Clark, Mindy Ramos, Juan Luis Guzman, Tim Fletcher, Chelsea Bonilla, Noah Villaverde, and Michael Newman.

. . .there will always be more names to come!



Other presenting groups include:

Fresno Pacific Theater
Theater Ventoux
Under the Black Flag
Poetry Place and Write Mindful
Woodward Shakespeare Festival


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