Three hearty HUZZAHs for those who help make it all happen. Please send your patronage their way!

For Our Bring Samantha Home Project:

Fresno Arts Council

CA Arts Council

2nd Space Theatre

Playhouse Merced

Old Clovis Hotel Bistro

Selma Arts Center

Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church

For Our #Shakespeare400 Events:

Hart’s Haven Used Books

Peeve’s Public House

The New Ensemble Theater Group


Fresno County Public Library

Poetry Place

Bitwise Industries

Windsong Productions

Cal Arts Academy

Individual Support Also Provided by:

Kristin Crase, Karan Johnson, Tess Mize, Erica Riggs, Haley White, Thomas Nance, Nicole Spate, Heather Parish, Hillery Gunner, Amy Ryan, and Charles West